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Why SuperLocal?

Save time and trouble

City-tripping with the wife & kids? Children crying, throwing tantrems because they are hungry? But where do you eat, when you want italian, on a budget and childfriendly?

You do not have the time to scroll through 1169 listings and a multiple of that on reviews! Just ask a SuperLocal nearby that knows every secret and gem of the neigbourhood. Use the SuperLocal-app and send your questions to SuperLocals nearby and they will guide you to a good, but affordable italian restaurants that serve Nutella-pizza’s for children.

Shout it from the rooftops

Who isn’t passionate about their hometown? Everybody wants to let others know how great that little clothing boutique is , where the best coffee or where children can go nuts.

SuperLocal lets you be the SuperHero of your hometown. Guide tourists and help find all the beauty there is to see.

Party with Locals

Want to enjoy the best parties? Want to go to the most exciting clubs? Just ask a SuperLocal where to go or… why not meetup and party with them together

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